Bona i poètica revetlla de sant Joan

 Bona, divertida i màgica revetlla de sant Joan!
Sant Joan
(Isabel Barriel)

Una coca gegant
per a la nit de Sant Joan
tota plena de cireres,
tota plena de pinyons
amb sucre entre les fruites,
i al cel llums de colors. 

La il·lustració és de Kris Easler.

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What a charming perspective on books as companions! John Agard's whimsical words paint a delightful picture of books as low-maintenance pets, comparing them to tropical parakeets that don't demand sunflower seeds. I couldn't help but smile at the notion of books preferring to breed in piles and finding nesting sites anywhere. Momoko Abe's illustration adds a special touch, capturing the essence of this poetic ode to the literary world.