Termite tune, a poem by Alice Schertle

Termite tune
(Alice Schertle)
Got wood?
That is the termite tune.
Got wood?
A chair, a wooden spoon,
the fat legs of planos,
they're enough to make us drool,
a mantel clock, a windowsill,
your little kitchen stool.
We will gobble the foundation
(You'll be walking on a slant.)
Can you save your favorite rocker?
If it's wooden, no you can't.
Got wood?
If you would like to share
(or if you wouldn't --do we care?)
we'll munch the bottom of your door
then chew our way across the floor,
the baseboards, roof, and every wall--
It's good, it's good, we'll eat, it all.
Then, when you haven't any more
we'll go and eat the house next door.
Got wood? 

 La il·lustració amb el poema és de Will Terry.