Spring song: cançons infantils de primavera en anglès

Podem aprofitar que estem en plena primavera per a cantar-li, però hui us proposem fer-ho en anglès. Us recomanem una web infantil on podeu trobar molts poemetes i cançons infantils en anglés, per als més menudets: Preschool education. D'ella hem copiat aquestes cançons de primavera / spring songs.

Spring Songs

Put up your umbrella
When the rain comes down.
Wear a happy smile
And wipe away a frown.
Splash in all the puddles
And do a little dance.
Rain is just the thing we need
For new spring plants.



What a lovely time of year,
Time of year, time of year.
What a lovely time of year
In our springtime garden.
See the flowers swing and sway,
Swing and sway, swing and sway.
See the flowers swing and sway
In our springtime garden.


Spring friends

Little white bunny in your hutch
I like you so very much.
With furry coat and ears that flop,
off you go- hop, hop, hop.

Little yellow duck with feathery back,
I can hear you,
Quack, quack, quack.
Swimming in the pond nearby,
off you fly up to the sky. 


Spring Song

I see robins, I see bird's nests
Butterflies too, flowers too
Everything is growing
The wind is gently blowing
Spring is here, spring is here


Spring, spring, spring

Spring, spring, spring.
I love spring!
I love the way the flowers grow.
Tulips! Daffodils!
All in a row.
Oh, so pretty!
I want you to know
That I love spring!
I love spring! 

La il·lustració és de Lauraballa.